On Board Food for Airlines Details

S & S Food Group proudly serves world-class airlines and food service operations around the globe. We are dedicated to providing superior solutions that save time, money or energy and we are constantly challenging the status quo to provide wise results.  We are product experts who have an eye on preserving product quality standards. Our professionals specialize in the food service industry for chain accounts and airlines and have additional experience in procurement and logistics. We represent a variety of clients from the following industries:

World-Class Airlines

We offer a wide variety of products to serve airlines and the transportation catering industry. We partner with manufacturers and importers to provide quality national brands, specialty items and popular products for your on board customers. We can provide solutions for your airlines supply of first or business class offerings, tray service items, snack boxes and cocktail snacks. Our variety of shelf-stable products, fresh and frozen foods, beverages and bakery items are sure to satisfy your bottom line and exceed your passengers’ expectations. We can also provide customized items and packaging for the unique needs of the airline industry.

Food Service Operations

We understand the large number of variables in the foodservice industry and our professionals strive to provide solutions for any variation of food service operations.

Exclusive Latin American Rights for International Brands

S & S Food Group also focuses on international suppliers and holds exclusive food brokerage rights for Latin America.

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